Attackers are savvy.
They don’t want just one machine.

They want to penetrate the organization. Attackers are achieving a mission – theft, damage, information – at the least cost for the maximum return.  Stealthily, cunningly and persistently they know Corporate Domain access will let them ‘own’ an organization – indefinitely.

In January of 2014 a distinguished team of cyber experts and incident response professionals from the famed Israeli Air Force OFEK and the Israeli intelligence corps, began building a company to help security operators solve the problem no technology could – protecting the Corporate Domain.

After working ‘offensive’ Red Team cyber attack activities for a variety of military and government organizations, and in the commercial world defending (Blue Team) against advanced attackers, like they used to be, they realized commercially available tools do not provide protection of an attacker’s main destination.   So they built a cyber solution to protect the most vital asset of any organization – the Active Directory.

Our Solution: Javelin AD|Protect

Javelin AD|Protect is an undetectable, agentless Artificial Intelligence platform that actively and autonomously monitors, alerts and stops intruders from penetrating the domain environment – where attacks start – on the host.  To detect, Javelin presents the intruder with an authentic and dynamic yet false perception of the internal topology and Active Directory to mask the real environment and prevent attackers from moving off that one compromised machine. Automated incident response reports full forensics of each attacker move, without false positives.  And anti-persistency protection ensures the network is further solidified by continuously probing for misconfigurations and attack persistency.


Javelin protects what no other cyber solution does – the Corporate Domain.  Javelin intelligently fills an attacker destination gap while eliminating the need for manual code analysis, network changes, traffic aggregation, and time delayed data collection from multiple detection products to find the intruder and stop their movement.

  • Javelin is turning the cat and mouse game of attackers and defenders in favor of the cat. IT professionals have been chasing the attacker, constantly looking for indicators of their presence. Javelin turns this around by making the attacker expose themselves by their actions.

    -V.Jay LaRosa, Vice President, Global Security Architecture, ADP
  • As a Fortune 100, we have the people, resources and money to protect our assets. However, compromised computers happen all the time and its more cost effective, efficient and beneficial to ensure the attackers cannot expand beyond a compromised machine. Javelin is the only vendor we’ve used that can detect and stop an attacker from stealing credentials and moving laterally, while scaling to tens of thousands of machines effortlessly.

    -CISO, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm
  • My companies use the most advanced technologies to protect ourselves. We believe in prevention and include Javelin as a key component to protecting our Corporate Domain. Javelin uniquely makes the attacker do the hard work of trying to extend into the network while silently alerting the IT department of their malicious actions. Once detected, Javelin automates mitigation and ensures no further impact to the organization yet giving us all the actual forensics evidence we need.

    -Tom Baltis, CISO, DeltaDental


Roi Abutbul
Co-Founder & CEO

Roi served in the Israeli Air Force in the OFEK unit where he focused on the security side of the OFEK satellite launch, Arrow missile program and the Air Force drones program. As a network and security engineer, he is an expert in designing, developing, analyzing, implementing large enterprise networks, both nationally and around the world. Prior to Javelin, Roi served as a Security consultant, leading ongoing programs at the Vatican and Israeli military.

Greg Fitzgerald

Greg Fitzgerald is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Javelin Networks. Greg has over 20 years’ cybersecurity leadership providing customers with innovative and effective problem solving solutions. He brings a proven track record in creating value in new markets, rapidly scaling organizations, and developing partner eco-systems.  His wealth of strategic experience and operational capabilities across all elements of cybersecurity and networking has helped build known industry leaders like Cylance, Fortinet, Sourcefire(Cisco), TippingPoint(HP) and BMC Software.

Guy Franco
Co-Founder & CTO

Guy is a highly experienced Security Researcher & Developer.  He performed as both Red Team and Blue Team attack and defense, in the Israeli intelligence unit of the cyber division and worked commercially as a security consultant. He is  highly skilled in the field of Forensics and Security Analysis, with special development and research of cyber defense tools and offensive techniques for networks.

Almog Ohayon
Co-Founder & CPO

Almog is well known as a Network & Security Architect in the information security field. He served in the Israeli-Air-Force at the OFEK unit, and technical leader in companies such as Cisco and Orange Telecom. He has designed and implemented hundreds of secured infrastructure networks all over the world.

Or Fogel
VP of R&D
Or is a software development expert with over 15 years
of hands-on development experience.
He served as R&D team leader in the Israeli Air Force
in the OFEK unit where he took part in the Iron Dome project.
After his service, he worked as a software development counselor
for highly scale projects and founded an open source monitoring platform for communication networks.

Board of Advisors

V.Jay LaRosa,
VP Global Security Architecture of ADP

As the VP of Global Security Architecture and team lead of security architects with responsibility for the global strategy, design, and implementation oversight of ADP’s global Security, Risk, and Privacy technologies.

Prior to his role at ADP, V.Jay worked for EMC for over 15 years where he was the Principle Security Architect and the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT).  V.Jay has a wealth of knowledge with over 23 years of experience in IT, converged security, and deployment/management of global business protection platforms. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a member of the ACFE, and a member of the FBI Infragard program. V.Jay is also actively involved in many other industry and government cyber security research initiatives.  He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a member of the FBI Infraguard program.

  • V.Jay LaRosa,
    VP Global Security Architecture of ADP

    V.Jay LaRosa is the Vice President of Global Security Architecture and team lead of security architects.

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  • Tom Baltis,
    CISO, DeltaDental

    Tom currently serves as VP and CISO at DeltaDental.

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  • Charlie Armstrong,
    Former CISO U.S Customs & Border Control

    Mr. Charles Armstrong was the Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer of the Office of Information and Technology, U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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  • Arthur Stark
    President, Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.

    Mr. Arthur Stark is President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

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  • Jon Miller
    Chief of Threat Researcher
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